PKW promotes educational achievement amongst its shareholders and descendants of Taranaki by providing a limited amount of education grants and scholarships through its charitable arm PKW Trust.


PKW Trust

The Trust was established in 1983 to support the educational and cultural purposes of Taranaki Maori with special reference to PKW shareholders; and provides grants for descendants of Taranaki and Taranaki Maori groups. To be eligible for support from the PKW Trust:

  • Individuals must whakapapa to at least one iwi of Taranaki and endorsed by a PKW shareholder.  Other grant specific criteria applies.
  • Groups must be Taranaki based and Maori.  Groups must also be endorsed by PKW shareholders and projects must support the Trusts objectives


Applications for education grants close 31 March of each year.

Tertiary Scholarships & Grants

PKW Trust offers 4 postgraduate, 5 undergraduate level scholarships along with a number of annual tertiary grants (full/part time). Opens 1 December 2016, closes 31 March 2017.

Community Grants

PKW Trust provides grants to support Taranaki Maori groups whose projects align to the three priorities of the PKW Trust, they are: Te Reo me ona Tikanga, Marae (structural only), Education (Matauranga Maori and Matauranga o te Ao Whanui) and one off grants to Taranaki based Kapa Haka groups.

Contact the office for an application form.

NCEA Grants

Is now closed

"Seeding Taranaki Potential - Building Success"

Sport & Cultural Grants

The PKW Trust no longer awards sport and cultural grants for individuals.  Instead the Trust supports community based kaupapa that delivers outcomes for community and collective well-being.  Past examples of this have been: Taranaki Iron Maori and Taranaki Tu Mai.

"Education is the key to success for Maori in the 21 century"